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The failed penalty party!

It's 3 Games in 1!

AngryRamos:Ramos is about to shoot the last penalty, the tension is in the air, the referee blows the whistle and... look at it go! Everyone thinks Ramos' shoot has gone the wrong... but they are so wrong! Ramos has a secret masterplan to win the Champions: sending the ball directly to Munich!!!

Angry Robben:Robben is about to shoot the penalty that can decide the match, he strikes and... what's going on??? The rival played a dirty trick stretching the field and filling it up with enemies and obstacles which will do anything to keep the ball from entering the goal!

With new updates every week!

Angry Messi:Messi is about to shoot the penalty which can give his team the pass to the finals, he strikes and... what has happened? The ball has entered an irritating and crazy maze full of traps and old fiends who want to stop the ball from finding its way to the goal!

You're the only one who can help Ramos', Messi's and Robben's ball reach its destiny, don't let them down!!!

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