About Us

About Undercoders


Undercoders is an independent videogame development studio located in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in late 2005 by 3 gaming enthusiastic university students, Undercoders has since been producing original, different and, most importantly, fun to play games on several platforms. With over 14 years of activity and more than 30 titles published, we’re still thriving to create experiences that make players fall in love with.

Throughout our years of activity, we’ve been constantly evolving together with technlology and market trends, in order to find our place in the industry and be able to communicate with the players. We’re currently focused on bringing to live our ideas on PC and Consoles.


Our Story

Undercoders was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in late 2005, by 3 university students who dreamed about creating video games as a job. Back in the day there weren’t many video game-related job opportunities in Barcelona, so creating a new development studio was the way to go.

During the first years of existence, Undercoders developed some titles for J2ME devices, but it wasn’t until the launch of the iPhone and Apple’s AppStore that the company started to gain some commercial success. Working with a custom game engine, built using C++ and OpenGL, the studio was able to create original and fast time to market titles which achieved great impact.

Following the transformation of the mobile gaming market into a data driven F2P business, Undercoders started exploring the console market in order to keep focusing on user and gameplay experience. In late 2011 Battle of the Elements was released for the Nintendo DSi and the studio began to gradually change its focus, from mobile gaming development into PC and consoles.

In 2016 Undercoders launched Conga Master on PC, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, which was awarded the “Best Game Design” in the Tokyo Game Show’s Sense of Winder Night.


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